The Ultimate 50+ Overseas Travel Guide

by Ozlem Baydar

We all remember when we were young, thirsty for adventure and dreaming of visiting new and exotic places.

We all remember when we were young, thirsty for adventure and dreaming of visiting new and exotic places. Some tourists like to see luxury places, rare animals, or ancient structures; others just want to recover their energy when on holiday. If you still have some adventurous spirit and are considering indulging it, you should hear about our useful tips for travelling abroad. It’s not only about buying an airplane ticket and going: you need to become familiar with some details which you probably never thought about before. Spend a couple of minutes with this guide and you’ll be prepared to travel overseas, leaving all of your problems behind. There is some basic advice you can follow in order to travel pleasantly.

Choose the right destination:

Once you’ve decided to travel, you need to choose your location carefully. If you are around 50 years old and still working, this may be your first chance to visit a foreign country. Think about what kind of person you are and what you prefer. Many of the people in this age group are looking for a peaceful and tranquil place, but some choose crowded resorts where it is actually even harder to get some rest than it is at home. Different people choose different places to visit, which is okay. Thousands of landmarks are waiting out there, so don’t be concerned: your perfect destination is waiting for you.

Buy your travel ticket using the smart way:

Once you’ve chosen a vacation spot, the very next step is to purchase a travel ticket. This not as easy as you think, because there are hundreds of services selling airplane tickets. You need to look for the best and cheapest one. Even when you find the best place to buy a ticket, there’s no guarantee that this ticket is the cheapest option. Do your own research about the prices. Some months are better to buy tickets than others, so plan ahead and buy at the right time. Do your best to find the right bargain. Also check how many hours you’ll be in the air. If the flight will take a long time, don’t choose a window seat; this will make you uncomfortable when asking the passengers beside you to clear the path every time you want to use the restroom.

Check your passport expiration date:

Always check how long your passport will be valid. You definitely don’t want to miss your flight because of inattention. Moreover, if you rush for your trip and your passport is invalid you’ll be charged an extra £128. Some countries require at least six months of validity from the point you arrive. Without a passport you can’t travel, so make sure to double-check!

Insurance is a must when travelling more than once annually:

Expect that everything could go wrong; this way nothing will take you by surprise. Just because you’re out to enjoy yourself on holiday doesn’t mean everything will go as planned. Plan ahead and get travel insurance, so you’ll be able to avoid additional expenses if your flight is cancelled or changed. When travelling as an individual, you can insure yourself for the whole year for just £13, or £27 if you’re flying with your family.

Get useful free translation and GPS apps:

Although English is the global language, there are areas where it’s not widely spoken. This is not a fact that should bother you, since we live in a modern world where using smartphones is an option. Google Translate is one of the best options out there, because you can access many languages, and don’t need Internet access. Download the app before you get to the place you selected as a holiday spot. Furthermore, you can use your phone as a GPS, which could be essential if you are not familiar with local directions. Navfree is a free application for IOS and Android devices. You’ll be glad to know that Internet access is not a must, as you can use this GPS app when offline. Once you download it, you’ll have no problem finding routes or maps.

Get your free EHIC while in Europe:

Whatever our age, we all need to have healthcare coverage. It is very important to ensure you get a free European Health Insurance Card. This service is an excellent way to address emergencies, and the treatment is mostly the same as your local place. This card is free and valid across the whole European Union, along with few more countries out of the union.

Get your foreign money at better rates:

Waiting until you reach the airport to exchange your money could be a big mistake. You are working hard for your cash, so it’s unwise to throw it away for nothing. Try to become informed about the best rates. If possible, order ahead money exchanges at better rates. This way you will avoid an unpleasant loss of money. Be smart and take care of your travelling capital.

Claim what you paid for when booking a hotel:

Most hotel’s star systems aren’t really the same, and you can be misled easily by colourful and unreal pictures. Tripadvisor is one of the most reliable review pages, where you can read reviews about thousands of hotels and resorts, even villas. This way, you can uncover the real face of the place where you want to stay.

Know about where you’re going and pack accordingly:

These days the weather is becoming more unpredictable with every passing year. But to whatever extent it is possible, you should still plan ahead for changes in weather. You can risk your health if it suddenly gets cold and you only packed summer clothes. Wherever you go, ensure that you bring at least a jacket or tracksuit, so you’ll be fine in cases of rain or cooler weather different than what you expected. When it comes to nature, everything is possible, so be as prepared as you can.

Using these travelling abroad tips, you can have the vacation you’ve dreamed about. It’s very important to stay well informed about where you go and how to travel there properly.

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