Learn to Surf

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Surfing, yoga and volunteering on the beautiful island of Lombok

Learn to Surf

Surfcamp Indonesia was started in 2007 by Karin and Linda, two surfing and yoga enthusiasts who met while exploring Indonesia.  Located on the beautiful island of Lombok, they offer surf courses of a minimum of one week, designed to teach their guests to surf to a level high enough for them to leave the course feeling comfortable surfing on their own.   The camps include workshops and lectures about the theory behind waves, tides, weather, equipment and surf ethics.

If you’ve ever considered combining learning a new skill with doing something good for the environment the company also offer volunteering projects.  Their permaculture course combines surfing with learning how to live in a more sustainable way, the course is taught through theory and practise, offering volunteers the chance to implement ideas in the local village of Gerupuk.  Alongside the permaculture courses, previous volunteering projects have included building a well and toilets at the local school, the creation of a school garden with the aim of teaching children about nutrition in an area which is classified as “food insecure” and english lessons for local children.  Additionally, if you, or a group of you, have knowledge of a specific area, such as farming, medicine, teaching or nutrition, the company are more than happy to organise a project for you.

Additionally, the company offer a “Go Girls” course, a camp designed specifically for women, combining surf tuition, yoga and volunteering in a small group of ten or less.  The duration of the course is two weeks and begins with an initial week at the surf camp in Lombok, this is followed by a further week in Ubud, Bali’s centre for spirituality and art.  The course price of 750 euros includes accommodation, food, tuition, all activities, travel and spa treatment.

The surfcamps are all inclusive, so there is no need to worry about accommodation or food as it is all provided for you.  Courses run throughout the year and start 500 euros for one week, rising to 1320 euros for their advanced 4 week programme.

For more information visit their website http://www.surfcampindonesia.com


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