Lorraine Kelly launches her own fashion collection

by Stephen Shaw

Lorraine Kelly, also known as the queen of morning TV, has found the job of her dreams – brand ambassador for JD Williams.

Lorraine Kelly, also known as the queen of morning TV, has found the job of her dreams – brand ambassador for JD Williams. Her new fashion collection will be released in clothing stores next spring.

Lorraine Kelly, or, as some used to call her, “the Scottish lovely”, is well known not only for her splendid dresses, which every girl wants to own, but for her lovable cardigans and fabulous trousers. Now she is ready to explore a new passion with JD Williams. Kelly wants to help those over fifty to feel beautiful and comfortable, and to look fabulous no matter how old they are.

JD Williams, the UK’s leading fashion retailer, has made an announcement about this news, and has confirmed that it is all true. They also confirmed that Lorraine Kelly will start to play her role as the brand ambassador of the company in July of this year. This will be just in time for the next autumn collection for fall 2014. They have said that during the spring of next year, she will also celebrate her first foray into the world of fashion by releasing her own fashion collection.

Another interesting fact is that Lorraine Kelly will star in a TV advertising campaign for the retailer in September. She will launch the new fashion collection for JD Williams in July. It will be personalized and seasonal, and will be available not only on the web site of the company, JDWilliams.co.uk, but also through the retailer’s catalogue.

Kelly said that designing a fashion collection has always been her dream, and she feels very delighted at the fact that she will be working with a fashion giant like JD Williams. She also said that this initiative is about more than just creating clothes. She wants to help women realize that they do not have to give up on fashion once they are fifty or older. In her opinion, age should not be any kind of barrier for women to feel great and look marvelous. She is dedicated to helping them all achieve this, whether they’re twenty or sixty.

She also added that when we get older, it is natural for our bodies to change. She has received so many questions from women who want to look stylish, but get frustrated by the fact that there is a lack of choice, size and fit on what is out there in the fashion shops. She also shared that she is very excited about the opportunity to be able to offer all these women a new, beautiful and stylish fashion solutions.

In addition to modeling and designing clothes for her own fashion collection, the “Scottish lovely” will also be providing the customers of JD Williams with regular tips and fashion advice through social media and other channels throughout the year.

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