The Green Deal

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Get a Green Deal organisation to assess the energy efficiency of your home and start saving.

Get a Green Deal organisation to assess the energy efficiency of your home and start saving.

With energy bills on the rise, improving the energy efficiency of your home is a must if you are serious about reducing your costs. By having a Green Deal assessment you can work out which improvements are likely to save you the most money on your bills.

Under the Green Deal scheme an authorised service provider assesses your property and reports on the energy improvements you are recommended to make. By improving efficiency, energy bills and outgoings can be reduced and you can save money.

There are many home improvements which can be made under the scheme such as heating, draught proofing, cavity walls, double glazing and installation of solar panels.

Savings can be significant, for example it is estimated that installing Green Deal wall insulation in a 3 bed detached home could save up to £270 per year. To find out more about Green Deal loft and wall installation contact a green deal provider with the knowledge and experience to help you.

Choosing a Green Deal provider service.

If making energy-saving improvements is something you are considering, an authorised provider like Green Deal Central can help you concentrate your efforts in those areas which would bring you the largest benefit.

Green Deal assessments.

All assessors are required to make an ‘impartial’ assessment of your home.

After assessing your property your adviser will make recommendations as to the improvements that would be most appropriate, such as installing loft installation.

You will be given a Green Deal advice report and any recommendations should conform to the ‘Golden Rule’ that you will save more than you will spend.

Green Deal finance providers.

You can take out Green Deal finance from a provider to pay for your energy efficiency improvements.

The idea is that any finance repayments you are required to make should be covered by the savings you make on your energy bills.

Green Deal grants are also available, so when you speak to your authorised provider you are advised to find out if you would qualify for help in paying your costs.

To find out more about the UK Green Deal scheme view the energy saving measures on the Governments website.

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