The small things in life make us happy

by Bonnie

It's the simple things in life that give us pleasure, such as waking up on a sunny day or hearing an old favourite song on the radio.

It's the simple things in life that give us pleasure, such as waking up on a sunny day or hearing an old favourite song on the radio.

Findings from a recent poll by Three Barrels Brandy revealed that discovering a forgotten ten pound note in our pocket is one of 50 things that make us happy, as is getting into bed with freshly washed and ironed sheets.

Unsurprisingly, the little things in life usually stem from another person's kindness or consideration, which is why we feel touched when we receive a thank you card in the post or are offered a car parking ticket with a couple of hours left on it from a stranger at the shopping centre.

Our joy with the world does not centre on being showered with diamonds and fast cars (although we wouldn't turn them down either), but with small comforts that could be overlooked if we didn't stop to think about them, such as drinking a cold beer after a long day or getting a quiet moment of alone time.

A spokesman for Three Barrels Brandy said: "It's great to see there are plenty of everyday occurrences and instances accessible to us all that have made the top 50. Simple things like the smell of freshly baked bread or cookies, friendships and listening to your favourite song make such a positive difference to the way we feel we should try to experience them more often.

"We can be having a terrible day at work, snowed under a pile of work, when a quick thank you from the boss can pick us up and make us feel great. Similarly, we could be stuck in traffic, when our favourite song comes on the radio and makes us forget about the nightmare daily commute," the representative added.

What small things make you happy?

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One Response to The small things in life make us happy

  1. Here’s my top-ten for starters:
    1 – Seeing that I’ve still got enough hair to do something with.
    2 – Watching my belly getting flatter, now that I’ve finally started exercising.
    3 – Getting to work (a school) an hour earlier and being able to play a little soft piano before the kids arrive and break the reverence. (Though I just quit my job, so I’ll just have to enjoy the memory).
    4 – Waking up in the morning and seeing that it snowed overnight, and the snow stuck.
    5 – Standing on my balcony at night, looking at the stars, and having a moment of understanding of the concept of the wonder of existence – and seeing how my daily concerns fade in comparison.
    6 – Taking an early morning walk (5 – 6am) when most of the city is still asleep – and feeling that I have the whole world to myself.
    7 – Sitting on a cafe terrace in Amsterdam, overlooking the Amstel river, on a warm and sunny morning, drinking coffee… and thinking: “hey, I’m not on holiday… I LIVE here!
    8 – Every moment I realize that, at 53, I can still have my dreams – and still have the time and opportunity to make them come true.
    9 – Discovering a site like this one, and realizing that there are more people in the world who think like I do.
    10 – Top of my list… Looking at my 19 year old son while he’s not aware of being watched, and thinking: “this dark-haired, handsome, talented, creative, intelligent, funny, social, popular, independent , life-loving 6ft 2” young man with the unshaven chin, is mine. I couldn’t ask for more.

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