Sex or beauty?

by Ben

We lose a lot of things when we enter our 50s.

We lose a lot of things when we enter our 50s. For men, it might be our hair. For women, it might be our 26-inch waistlines. Although to be fair, we probably lost those some time in our 30s. Our kids might say it's our marbles. Cheers kids.

But what worries you most? According to a new survey by researchers at the University of Bath's Centre for Death and Society, men and women have very different concerns when it comes to growing older.

For women, it's their looks they worry about losing. As eyelids wrinkle, cheeks sag and hair turns grey, it seems many ladies struggle to come to terms with their new appearances, as unique and beautiful as they may be to others.

One third of women questioned as part of the research, all of whom were over the age of 40, said preserving their looks was important to them as they grew older. Just a fifth of men said the same.

They, on the other hand, seemed more concerned about the impact that ageing could have on their sex lives, with 32 per cent expressing alarm at the thought of being unable to get it on. Or up as the case may be.

By contrast, only 12 per cent of women said they were worried about losing their libido in later life, suggesting that they're either confident in their sexual abilities or they're just not bothered.

Perhaps the two go hand on hand. If women feel they're losing their looks, could they be less interested in sex as a result?

A survey by Cosmopolitan magazine found that three-quarters of women worry about their bodies during sex, so it's entirely possible.

Another poll by revealed that almost half of women prefer to keep at least some of their clothes on in bed, with 54 per cent claiming to lack the confidence to get completely naked in front of their other half.

Perhaps it's time we got over our body hang ups and embraced our 50-something figures. They may not look the way they used to, but they're all we've got, so we might as well learn to love them. And for the men, there's always Viagra!

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