SMART goals for weight loss

by Derek

Fitness expert Derek Gardner tells us how to use SMART goals as a weight loss method

Are you looking to change the way you look? Drop a dress size? Get into a smaller size pair of jeans? Look better in your bikini? Then get SMART.

And by that I mean set yourself some SMART goals.

SMART stands for;

Specific. You have more chance of achieving you weight loss, or body transformation goal if you give yourself a specific target. So if it’s weight loss, write down your target weight on a post-it note, and stick it on the fridge, or cupboard door, so that every time you open the door you are reminded that you have a goal, and you reach for the healthy snack instead of the slice of cheese cake or the biscuit.

Measurable. Establish a criteria for measuring your progress for your specific goal. You could do this by monitoring you weight. But bare in mind that body weight can fluctuate, especially for women, depending on hydration levels, the time of the month, even the time of day. A better way to measure your progress is if you have an item of clothing, a dress or pair of trouser which are snug, use them to monitor your progress. If you are feeling particularly brave, buy something that is maybe too small, and keep at your body transformation program until that item of clothing fits.

Attainable. You can achieve almost any goal you want when you plan your steps and establish a reasonable time frame. Then goals that previously seemed out of reach, eventually move closer and attainable.

Realistic. To be realistic, your goal must be something you are both “willing and able” to work to. Which does not mean you have to limit yourself. Just remember you are the only one who can decide on your goal, not your partner or best friend. If it’s not something you genuinely want, chances are you won’t achieve it.

Timely. It’s very important that you work within a time frame. With no time frame, there is no urgency. If you want to lose, say 5 kilos, you must have an idea of when you want to lose it by. ‘Sometime next year’ is not good enough. If on the other other hand you say, ‘In the next 5 weeks’ you are then able to further monitor your progress.

So when you are trying to work out where you want to be fitness wise, get SMART.

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