Online dating is a numbers game

by Bonnie

Getting back in the dating game after years of monogamy can be a tough transition for us Nifties.

Getting back in the dating game after years of monogamy can be a tough transition for us Nifties. Technology has moved on so fast that it's now more common for us to have discovered a person's likes, pet hates, hopes and strange quirks before we've ever set eyes on them.

And the world of online dating can be nothing short of bizarre. You are often met with a barrage of communication within hours of setting up a profile on a dating website and it can be overwhelming sifting the wheat from the potential axe murdering chaff.

David Evans, editor of, explains that it is best to take it slow when you've struck up a correspondence with a prospective love interest but to get the first meeting over and done with quickly before you've had time to build up your expectations.

"Go on a quick coffee date as soon as possible to get comfortable with the search/chat/date selection process. Don't bring people back to your house or have them meet there. Meet in a public place – this is normal, common sense advice many new online daters ignore," he notes.

And while dinner can be part of a good date, it can sometimes be awkward to keep up the conversation with someone you don't know that well, so try going for a walk or just meeting for drinks so you can extricate yourself swiftly if you decide he or she is not going to become a fixture in your life.

"You have the opportunity to meet loads of new people. Pace yourself but remember: it truly is a numbers game for most people. Mr or Mrs Right rarely shows up on the first few dates," Mr Evans says.

Finally, online dating is all about broadening your horizons and trying out new experiences, so don't feel you have to be confined to some sort of checklist. "Date someone of another background, ethnicity [or with] different types of interests," Mr Evans adds.

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