About the fifty plus club

Shout Freedom!!

Because that’s what being over fifty means for a growing number of us, freedom.

If you think fifty is the new thirty, sixty the new forty and seventy the new twenty you are in the right place. At last a magazine which recognises that being over fifty doesn’t condemn you to watching reruns of Midsomer Murders in the afternoons or subscribing to Saga. No, it is empowering. We are the new power in the land and, as well as bringing you all the relevant subjects, we might even do a little campaigning on issues that affect us like alerting you to all those scams aimed at us.

We’ve managed to pry the kids’ white knuckles off the front door frame, patted them on the head and wished them well. Of course you miss them but not quite as much as you thought you would. And you do know who Alexandra Burke is, unfortunately, but are just not quite ready for P Diddy. You’ve got a bit more disposable income, maybe the mortgage is paid off and you are part of that truly blessed generation who bought a house for 6p and it’s now worth the GDP of Ireland, actually probably a bit more than that. You might be confronting that easily answered dilemma, shall I spend the kids’ inheritance? You hear that voice, don’t you? Go on, go on, do it. We’ll be talking downsizing your property and blowing the equity. Sorry but somebody has got to start shouting about the real, glorious, wonderful options that our generation has.

You might be a single male or female and wondering if you are too old for dating, you aren’t and we’ll be telling you a lot more about that too. If you are in a great partnership we congratulate you and might surprise you with some suggestions for how to put those matching anoraks to good use.

the fifty plus club is the first irreverent magazine for the over fifties and we take no prisoners. Remember that means we’ll be pitching our content at the over thirties (Because that’s how you feel) with leisure time and maybe a little cash to blow. Not the usual, cash strapped, stressed out, buggy buying, environmentally challenged, thirty somethings we so often pity as we watch them struggling to load two kids and their reusable shopping bags into the back of a Smart car.

We’ve made the sacrifices, paid the taxes, threw an egg at a police car in nineteen seventy, given the booster seat and twenty six books making up the Encyclopedia Britannica to Oxfam, now let’s see what life is really all about.

Send us your e mail address and we’ll send you a heads up when we think we have something interesting for you. This offer is only available to the over fifties and no fibbing.

And forget being grumpy that’s for opinionated B listers on the tele and old people, not us.